“In her Sundagger.net, Margaret Murray gives us a mystery novel in a new dimension, moving us from Post 9/11 Silicon Valley to the Ancient Anasazi of the Southwest.”
- Tony Hillerman

An unsuspecting Sara McClelland cannot know her hi-tech life is about to collide with an ancient tragedy. Burnt out from her job, haunted by the disappearance of her son, she finds unexpected mystery when she crawls into a sweat lodge.

In the hot stones of the Indian lodge, Sara is overcome by a vision of an Anasazi man, an outcast, who evokes Sara’s seductive telecom boss. When the ancient Anasazi leaves his cave to spy on forbidden sun dagger ceremonies, both their destinies are illuminated.

Defying nature and technology, the past and present come together beyond time and space in the desert surrounding Chaco Canyon, exploding in a searing, turbulent Vision Quest.



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